Jubilee Autos

 ​(DBA Jubilee Management and Trading Company)

OUR Story

Jubilee Autos is a Licensed Dealer Company dedicated to serving you with the highest quality vehicles and parts, since 2013.

CEO and Founder, Oludolapo Olubeko, has been a committed Fresno County Deputy Sheriff for the past 17 years in the state of California. He has aways been dedicated to his job as a Deputy Sheriff by standing by his motto of "Protecting and Serving" the community at which he serves and lives in. But his most important job would be that of being a devoted husband and loving father to his children. 

With the support of his family, Oludolapo received his Dept. of Motor Vehicle Dealership License and began buying and selling cars to clients in the local area. Now, business has been doing nothing but booming and the amount of vehicles that he has bought and sold has expanded beyond to consumers worldwide! However, the services he provides is not only limited to buying and selling, but he has also began importing and exporting vehicles across the world. 

WAnt to transport ?

our formula for success

Buying new, used, or pre-owned cars at your local commercial dealerships tend to be costly and overwhelming. The next best place would be to buy a car at an Auto Auction. However, majority of these Auto Auction Companies require you to be a Certified Licensed Dealer.

We have taken care of that problem for you!

Having done business with some of these Auto Auctions, we help you to buy an assortment of automotive at the auctions and sell it to you at a cheaper price.

Jubilee Autos have built and established relationships with the right connections to get you the cars you need for the right price.

Our success

So far, so good! Over the past few years, business has been soaring for Jubilee Autos. We've sold hundreds of cars to many clients from across the border. Jubilee Autos has had a good track record for delivering reliable products to our clients with a 90% Customer Retention Rate.  

Most of the success that Jubilee Autos has experienced of the year have not been attributed through promotions or commercials but mostly by word of mouth from satisfied customers . 

All of our hard work has finally paid off and it seen in the appreciation our customers show us when the leave happy with their vehicles each day!   

what makes us different from competitors

We differ from other agencies in three key ways:

  • Our commitment to finding you the highest quality products for the lowest prices possible. No one wants to be overcharged or duped into paying for a vehicle they believe they can get at a better deal; which is why we want to help you avoid these potential pitfalls by allowing us to take care of business for you.  
  • Our connections that we have established. "IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, BUT WHO YOU KNOW!" Having a source of resources that we have established will make the process of getting you the vehicle you need a whole lot easier.     
  • Our promises and reliability. We want you to believe and put trust in the fact that we are an honest company with a mission in truly delivering promised results. 

Why choose us?

Bought the right car but not in the right place? Want to send a locomotive to your family abroad?

Not to worry!

Our Parent company, Jubilee Management and Trading Company, helps you import and export anything you need for the right price.